The meaning of a Rolex "Long E" :

In the world of vintage Rolex collectors, you may find the term "Rolex Long E". What does it mean ? Well, it is a designation of the vintage Rolex GMT-Master 1675 with a MK1 "Long E" dial. The dial is called "long E" because the middle branch of the "E" of the Rolex logo is long and extends out, unlike on other Rolex dials. These "long E" dials were produced in 1967 in small quantities for matte series of the Rolex 1675.

An example of Rolex 1675 "Long E" :

This Rolex GMT-Master 1675 was listed in our selection of the Top 100 Vintage Watches in February 2020. As you can see, it has a special "ROLEX" logo with a long E :


Rolex 1675 Long E
A Rolex 1675 Long E sold at $8200. 

Just compare the length of the E middle branch with a classic Rolex logo on another 1675 :

This Rolex GMT-Master Rootbeer 1675 has a classic E


Why was the "long E" logo stopped ?

The long E logo was produced between 1967 and 1970 on few matte dials only. It wasn't a very nice logo as it gave the impression to read "ROLE X" with a separate X. After that short period, Rolex has been using a "E" with a shorted middle branch in their logos, which is indeed nicer. 



Has a "long E" Rolex more value for collectors ?

Yes it has. As all short-time productions, they are harder to find on the vintage Rolex market and thus more interesting for collectors. People who own one or two Rolex don't really care about it, but big vintage Rolex collectors with more than 10 GMTs in collection all want to have their "Long E". If you are a Rolex collector yourself, have a look to our daily selection of Rolex on Watch-Deal, from time to time, you will see a Rolex 1675 Long E popping up ! 


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