Rolex Daytona Cosmograph BIG RED Ref 6265 ca. 1978

Among all the luxury watches for sale online, this Rolex Daytona Big Red 6265 from 1978 has reached the sky. The final value of this rare timepiece was €43383 which means $48092. Pre-owned Rolex are often sold for a very high price in auctions. 

Rolex Daytona


How many people wanted to buy that Rolex Daytona Big Red?

This vintage Rolex received a high number of bids : 87 bids from 32 different bidders. The auction started at $1 and reached the final price of $48092 in only 10 days. 


What was the watch condition ?

The condition was excellent, below are the details from the listing : 

This Rolex Daytona was sold with original box and a revision card by Rolex from April 2019.

The steel case was polished and satined, refurbished

Case diameter without crown 37 mm

Steel oyster bracelet, polished and satined, refurbished

Bracelet number 78350

Original certificate.


Where was it sold ?

It was sold on eBay on October 13th. As it is an old auction, you can't see the original listing anymore.

The seller is Edmund Harnold, a famous watch retailer from Hamburg, Germany, have a look to his other watches for sale on eBay here

The identity of the buyer is private but he is a regular eBay buyer (472 feedbacks).


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