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Collecting rare vintage watches

Collecting vintage watches is a very popular hobby for various reasons : rare vintage watches have something special a brand-new Rolex will never have, a vintage model has a history and many models are taking a lot of value year after year. If you had found a mens vintage Omega, Rolex or Heuer watches in the 1980s, it would have been a very good investment. On this page, you will find the finest and rarest vintage watches to look for. 



How to find rare vintage watches : 

First you need to know the vintage watch market. Certified authentic watches are truly different from fakes and replicas. If you spot a nice vintage omega online, look at the supplier reputation, then check the description and feel free to ask him any questions. Doing so, you will avoid 99% of the fake watch suppliers. Then, check the number of bids, if there are many, it means that the watch worth is fair, then place your bids. This page will select for you the best luxury vintage watches, but you can also filter the vintage watches under $1000 to see only affordable vintage watches. 

How much is a vintage Rolex or Omega worth ?

Well it all depends of the rarity of the vintage model. The most expensive vintage Rolex are Paul Newman Rolex Daytona, some models have reached 17.8 million dollars ! Of course, you won't find these kind of rarities online but in famous auction houses. But you do can find some more affordable vintage watches on this page like a Rolex Submariner 1680 18k Gold - 1680/8 with a tropical patina dial at $20,000 or a vintage Omega Constellation De Luxe Pie Pan 18k at $4,000. Have also a look to our Rolex and Omega specific selections. 

Do you ship the vintage watches abroad ?

Watch-Deal is specialised in rare watches online. On this page, we select antique vintage watch time pieces. Click on the watch you like and check if the supplier ships to your country. Most of our suppliers propose a worldwide shipping and you can get their used rare watches whether you live in New York, Amsterdam, Brussels or Paris. 

Why using Watch-Deal to find vintage watches ?

On Watch-Deal, our team selects for you the best modern & vintage watches online from professional watch suppliers, family run business and private watch collectors. Have a look to the watch listing ending today to find the best listings. We filter all brands like vintage Omega, Rolex, Heuer and Tissot but also the niche brands or military watches for specialists. 500 vintage watch collectors daily use Watch-Deal to find the best pre-owned vintage watches online, add this page to your favorites. 

Vintage Rolex 6238
A vintage Rolex 6238 Chronograph from 1962

Rare vintage watches brands : which ones are interesting ?

If you're looking for vintage timepieces, don't just focus on the most prestigious brands like Rolex, Omega or Cartier. Pay particular attention to vintage brands that are less sought-after by the general public, but particularly scrutinized by collectors. Look for fine Hamilton watches, old Yema watches, vintage Valjoux calibres and vintage Universal Geneve watches, for example. These are the brands that are most popular with vintage watch collectors, and they are the little nuggets to be found at good prices on the web. Our daily selection of vintage watches, located at the top of this page, brings you all the vintage watches of interest to us, including watches from rare and sought-after vintage brands. 

Some rare watches you should look out for :

- a vintage Gallet Triple date chronograph with a Valjoux 72C movement. This is a very nice old watch which would be make a great addition to your collection. (It worths around $1,300,00).

Vintage Gallet chronograph

- a 1960s Enicar Sherpa 600 GMT is a hard vintage watch to find. Enicar is a prestigious brand for vintage watch collectors. (You could find one between $1,000 and $2,000, depending on condition).


- a vintage Bucherer Inca Bloc Panda chronograph is a very cool timepiece to add to your wrist. It can be found around $750.

Old Bucherer watch

- a 1970s Cartier Tank with a Roman dial is an exquisite vintage watch to wear. It worths around $800.

Cartier Tank 1970s


That's the pleasure of collecting vintage watches: there are always plenty of wonderful timepieces to be found. We hope we've helped you in your search for a vintage watch, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.