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Our selection of the best Cartier watches currently available online. Pre-owned and vintage models.
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A selection of pre-owned Cartier watches

Watch-Deal selects the best pre-owned Cartier watches available online. We help our visitors, Cartier watch collectors, to find vintage Cartier watches and rare models online. You are looking for a pre-owned Cartier Tank watch, a Cartier Ballon Bleur or a Cartier Santos, you are on the right page to find it. If you like Cartier wristwatches, pay attention to our selection and have a look to our page from time to time. 



The rarest Cartier watches for collectors

We select the most sought-after authentic Cartier watches for watch fans. From the mythical Cartier Tank Francaise, but also the famous Cartier Santos and many other rare Cartier watches. We choose Cartier watches for men but also some very nice ladies Cartier watches. Cartier has always been a very famous brand both in horology and in jewelry. 

Is it easy to get a Cartier wristwatch ?

Of course, Cartier is a high-end luxury brand but you can find here some rare pre-owned Cartier. Let's give you some precise examples : a Cartier Tank Americaine 18K White Gold Date watch will be around $3800. But a Cartier Tank Obus 16302 18k gold watch will be around $2100. If you want a more affordable model, a Cartier Pasha Ladies 35mm Automatic 2324 will be below $700. Our watches are ranked from the highest to the lowest. 


Cartier Ballon Bleu
This pre-owned Cartier Ballon Bleu has been sold for $2650

How to get Cartier watches online ?

It is very easy, have a look to our selection of rare Cartier watches on this page, click on the model you like and we will automatically redirect you towards a merchant site like eBay where you can get it. If you have any questions about a Cartier watch supplier or about a vintage Cartier, feel free to send us an email, we will be happy to help.