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A page for Tudor watch collectors

Tudor watches are very popular among watch collectors who are looking for pre-owned Tudor watches. These Swiss watches have a special elegance that very few luxury watch brands can match. They have also taken a lot of value year after year especially vintage Tudor which have many fans all over the world.



What is the difference between Tudor and Rolex ?

Tudor is the sister line of Rolex, also founded by Hans Wildorf, but at a lower positioning than Rolex. They have the same look-and-feel, the same elegance than Rolex, a very high quality, they are produced by Rolex company, the case, the crown, the bracelet and the crystal are the same than on Rolex. So what is the difference ? Tudors movements are not as excellent as Rolex movements and of course the brand is not as prestigious as Rolex, even if some rare Tudor can reach very high amounts! 

What are the most sought-after Tudor wristwatches ? 

There are many popular Tudor timepieces, the most sought-after are the famous Tudor Black Bay Heritage, authentic Tudor Submariner or the GMT Pepsi. Some Oyster Prince have also a very good reputation among watch fans. How much does a Tudor worth? Well it all depends of the rarity of the reference and its condition. To give you an example, an unworn Tudor Pelagos LHD 25610TNL has been displayed at $3500 on this website. Some ladies Tudor watches can also fetch a very high amount of money. 

How to get a Tudor timepiece from here ?

Very easy, just click on the Tudor model that you like and we will automatically redirect you towards the merchant site where you can get it. Our selection includes established Tudor dealers, famous Tudor collectors and some authorized retailers and jewellers who offer some Tudor wirswatches online.