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Seiko is a very popular brand among watch collectors. On this page, you will find our selection of the rarest Seiko watches available online. Both vintage Seiko watches and modern models for Seiko collectors. Grand Seiko SBGR53, Seiko 6139, will be displayed on this page. We will also show some very nice Seiko 6138 8020. Whatever your favorite Seiko is, you can get it on this page. If you dream of a Seiko Bullhead, of a Seiko Prospex or a Seiko Presage, we are here to help you find it on the web. Some rare vintage Seiko like the Seiko Panda chronograph have reached a very high-end positioning on the second-hand Seiko market but you will also find some more common Seiko watches on this page. 



Nice Seiko dive watches for watch experts

Seiko divers watches can be found online without spending too much, especially pre-owned timepieces. Of course a Grand Seiko Spring Drive SBGA229 will remain a luxury watch, but you may find in our selection a vintage Seiko Scuba Divers Watch like the Scubapro 450 7002 for few hundred dollars. On the contrary, a pre-owned SEIKO ProspeX Panda SRQ029J1 Automatic 8R48 chronograph will be found arount $3000 if in good condition. As you can see in our Top 100 Vintage Watches, Vintage Seiko have also a very high value on the market, like the Grand Seiko Heritage "Autumn" Limited edition and many other ancient Seiko. 

Looking for a pre-owned Seiko SKX007 : a very good choice.

The best thing of the Seiko SKX007 is its unprecedented design. This generous without being ostentatious, robust without being massive, skillfully combining strong personality and discretion explains the success of the model. But the most amazing thing is that this design is more than 40 years old! It is only the slimmer evolution of the case of the famous and famous 6105-8110, nicknamed "Apocalypse Now" or "Capt Willard", as it is found on Martin Sheen's wrist in Coppola's masterpiece. It's 1978, and the SKX007 won't appear for 18 years! What has happened in the meantime? Seiko presents in catalogue 79 a new model of its Silverwave range, equipped with the quartz caliber 7546, the PHK061. The first real diver to adopt this design appears in the 1980 catalogue, still equipped with the quartz calibre 7548, and it is the PYH011 with Pepsi bezel, and the PYH018 with black bezel, a Diver's 150m.In 1986, the PYH0xx equipped with the 7548 gave way to the SSBT048, equipped with the high-torque calibre 7C43, a derivative of the 7C46 which then powered the Tuna, and the Ashtray, the flagship models of the range of diver's watches in the second half of the 1980s. Its water-resistance was then increased to 200m, and its dial modified accordingly. It then becomes "Professional".

Seiko 6309-7290 - is it really a Seiko Turtle ?

You all know the mythical Seiko Turtle, very recently relaunched by Seiko in a slightly enlarged version. It bears the reference 6309-7040, most of the time, because it is the most widespread version, called JDM (Japanese Domestic Market), sold in Japan. It can also be found under the reference 6309-7049, which was the export version, intended for the US market. With its 45mm cushion case, which gave it its nickname, it succeeded the 6105-8110 mentioned earlier in this article. The Turtle was produced between 1976 and 1988, the year it will be replaced by the 7002. It therefore carries the 6309 movement, a self-winding calibre, 17 jewels, without manual winding or stop/second, a good old tractor without embellishment, but puncture-proof, and that's all that was asked of it... In 1982, the version we are interested in today appeared, namely the 6309-7290 and its variants.  It adopts the "slimed-down" case that we still know today, with its design refined to 41mm (excluding the crown and its protection). The movement does not change, the hands remain the same, however, the dial adopts a more modern, more "virile" look with square and rectangular hour-markers that stand out from the Turtle's round markers. Was this version intended to replace the 6309-7040? Difficult to say for sure. Still, the 2 versions will coexist until the retirement of the 6309 movement, and the launch of the 7002, in 1988.

Pre-owned Seiko 7002 available for collectors

You are looking for a nice second-hand Seiko 7002 ? You will find some on this page. In 1988, the 7002 was introduced, replacing the 6309 series. Let us note that there are in parallel other divers in range, but it is not the subject. The 7002, in reference to its movement of course, has been proposed and declined in about ten versions, according to the markets, the bezel inserts, the dials...The 7002 movement that equips it is not really going to revolutionize the world of watchmaking. Derived from the 7000 series movements of the early 1970s, it is rather less qualitative than the 6309 that it replaces. Moulded and non machined parts, no more plastic components, and slightly lower power reserve. The objective behind this evolution is to offer a caliber that is inexpensive to produce, while remaining reliable and sufficiently accurate, in order to offer watches that are relevant in terms of positioning compared to cheap quartz products. Let us note that there will be 2 generations of 7002, the second one offering a watertightness pushed to 200m. The introduction of this 2nd generation will take place in 1994. It is also during this introduction that we will see appearing a new generation bezel, whose look is ... different ! Whereas until now, the bezels were bi-directional at 60 clicks, this new generation, conforming to the new standards in force concerning diver's watches, adopts a uni-directional bezel at 120 clicks.

Some Seiko SKX007 diving watches listed on Watch-Deal

The SKX007 and its Jubilee bracelet, a combo you can't get enough of, a great classic. It is during its transition to the 7S26 movement that the 7002 becomes SKX007 / SKX009 (respectively black bezel and Pepsi bezel). The 7S26 is an evolution of the 7002. It corrects some weaknesses of the latter, namely a power reserve and an average precision. By going from 17 to 21 jewels, this movement reaches 41 hours of power reserve, which becomes honourable, while a new balance-spring improves the precision of this caliber which beats at 21600 alt/hour. With a diameter of 12 lines or 27mm, for a thickness of 4.8mm, it is one of the most widespread movements at Seiko, and is manufactured in the group's Japanese or Malaysian factories. The case is almost identical to the 7002 generation. It is made of stainless steel, recess, measures 42.5mm in diameter for a little more than 13mm thick. Surprisingly, in spite of dimensions that seem generous on paper, the watch is very well, and even seems compact. Moreover, its versatility makes it quite an incredible model. Steel bracelet "President" or "Jubilee" type, Nato, Zulu, leather, rubber strap "Z22" or Isofrane, your choice changes the watch completely. Its aficionados are not mistaken, they have a whole collection of straps to be ready for any eventuality. Let's talk right away about one of the main arguments of the SKX007, you don't need to spend too much to get it. Being at less than $300 in the official shop in the USA, this positioning is simply unbeatable and quite unbelievable. Let's remember that we are in the presence of a diver's watch meeting the current ISO 6425 standard, with an automatic movement, and 100% manufactured. At a time when this term is overused, owning a SKX007 is certainly a proof of good taste and watchmaking intelligence. So what does Seiko offer us ? First of all, and we have briefly discussed it, a stainless steel case, with finishes alternating brushed on the top of the horns, and polished for the sides and the back. We are obviously not in the presence of a Zaratsu polish as we can find it at Grand Seiko or on some Presage, but the finishes are excellent. The crown, positioned at 4 o'clock, is protected by a protrusion, reminiscent of the 6105, and is obviously screwed. It allows the setting of the time and the day/date binomial. It is polished, unsigned, but we won't hold it against it. The screwed case back is engraved with the famous Tsunami logo, symbol of Seiko diving watches. We will see it appear for the first time on a Silverwave around 1965. A Silverwave? Doesn't that remind you of anything? Dial and hands, everything is done to ensure optimal readability. The polished bezel accommodates an insert, black on the 007, pepsi on the 009, taking up the usual timer necessary for the calculation of diving times. The triangle, which is positioned opposite the minute hand when using this feature, incorporates a luminescent pearl. It has a double notching, making it easier to grip, so that it can be adjusted by turning it unidirectionally for 120 clicks.

The dial of the Seiko SKX007

The dial is a model of sobriety and readability. No place for the luxury of applied indexes or logos, they are silkscreened. The mention "Diver's 200m" is red, the hypertrophied indexes are covered with the famous Lumibrite, a luminescent material specific to Seiko, whose use goes back to the 40's! Impossible to take the brightness or readability of this faulty diver. Especially since this dial, black on the 007, blue on the 009, surmounted by a matching graduated flange, is associated with hands covered with the same material. Their shape is very classical for the brand, and they appear for the first time on the Turtle. The hour and minute hands are chrome-plated, while the second hand, in reverse lollypop, is white on the tip side and black with a round end covered with Lumibrite on the other. At 3 o'clock, there is the day/date window, printed in black on a white disc, for good legibility and aesthetic coherence.

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