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Vintage Heuer watches are very much sought-after by watch collectors for their rarity and beauty. Before its acquisition by TAG, Heuer produced some excellent timepieces as good as Rolex. Vintage Heuer are now hard-to-find on the market, you will find below our selection of the best vintage Heuer currently available.



A selection of rare vintage Heuer chronographs

You are looking for an old Heuer Bundeswehr 1550 SG Chronograph 3H ? You are seeking after a vintage Heuer 11630P Autavia Divers Chronograph with its decompression bezel and caliber 12 ? Well, you are on the right page to find it. Everyday our team selects the best vintage Heuer available online. We focus on hard-to-find Heuer that collectors want like the vintage Heuer Carrera. Check our page from time to time, we add new watches everyweek. 

Vintage Heuer Autavia : a mythical name

Among the rare vintage Heuer watches, the vintage Heuer Autavia are very popular. They were first produced by Jack Heuer in 1962 and "Autavia" is a contraction between "Auto" and "Aviation", as Heuer was specialised in technological watch innovations for automobile and planes. Heuer Autavia automatic chronographs can reach a very high value : a Heuer Autavia 1163 with its “Exotic dial” will be found above $15,000 if in mint condition. Have also a look to Heuer Autavia ref. 1163 "Jo Siffert Mk. VI" produced in 1972, it is a very nice Heuer watch too. Same for the Heuer Autavia 11063

Heuer Autavia 2446, Jochen Rindt's watch

Remember also the story of this Autavia and how Jack Heuer established it as the most fashionable racing chronograph of the time. From 1962 until the 1980s, there were many versions of this watch with no less than 6 cases and 14 different movements, not to mention countless combinations of dials, colours and bezels. The version that everyone knows is the one that Jo Siffert made famous in the seventies. Jochen Rindt's Heuer 2446M predates Jo Siffert's Autavia 1163 T. It is in fact the 3rd iteration of this model. This version which is also called the "3rd execution" (3rd execution of the dial and 3rd execution of the hands, in the shape of sticks) has a narrower symmetrical case as well as a screwed back called "compressor". With its crown and push-pieces on the right, its thinner and more elongated horns, the 2446 M is from the outset the most elegant and the most dressy of all Autavia. Jochen Rindt's had the distinctive feature of having a bezel graduated in minutes (M). Other versions also existed with a bezel graduated in hours (H) or tachimetric (C). Like the Daytona and the Universal Geneve Compax, the Autavia 2446 was powered by the very prestigious Valjoux 72.

Heuer Autavia 3646 "Andretti"

Rindt's Autavia and Andretti's Autavia are in fact very close to each other. Both come from the third iteration of the model. This version called the "3rd execution" (new dial and hands, match-shaped) has a narrower symmetrical case, thinner straight lugs and a screwed back called "compressor". Like Jochen Rindt, Mario Andretti had also opted for a minute (M) graduated bezel. The main difference is obvious, Andretti's Heuer Autavia 3646 is a bi-compax (Valjoux 92) while Rindt's 2446 has 3 sub-registers (Valjoux 72). I guess the hour meter is surely important for endurance races but two sub-meters instead of three is in our opinion more interesting aesthetically. Finally, the minute counter of Andretti's watch counts up to 45 minutes while Rindt's watch only measures 30 minutes.

What is the value of a vintage Heuer wristwatch ?

A vintage Heuer is not easy to find and they are very popular among watch specialists, so their value on the market can be very high. As written before, the worth of a some rare Heuer Autavia can easily exceed $10,000. If you don't have such budget, a pre-owned Heuer Professional 980.022-Wolf of Wallstreet men's watch can be found below $1.000 if you want Leonardo Di Caprio's watch in that famous movie. 

Where to find vintage Heuer watches ?

You can find vintage Heuer watches on various specialised websites. They are never common on the market so be very careful of websites displaying hundreds of vintage Heuer, they can be fake or not 100% original with a reprinted dial or replaced bezel. In Watch-Deal selection, you will find vintage Heuer from reputable suppliers and you can read their reviews by previous customers by clicking on their watches. 

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