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A selection of antique Elgin pocket watches

Our team of experts selects the rarest Elgin pocket watches available online. Gold or diamond pocket watches for men but also some very nice Lady Elgin watches. We try to display the most interesting models for Elgin collectors including some antique Elgin and vintage timepieces. We also selects some nice Elgin automatic watches for automatic watch fans.



What is the worth of an Elgin watch ?

Are Elgin watches valuable ? Yes they are ! Elgin watch value does vary a lot depending of the rarity of the model. A vintage Lord Elgin Chevron Jump Hour would be found around $300, same for a nice Lady Elgin 14K Gold Wind-Up watch. But the most high-end Elgin timepieces are the antique Elgin pocket watches. In mint condition, an antique Elgin in Solid 14k yellow gold can reach $1600. Same for some rare models with diamonds. In vintage watch auctions, rare Elgin pocket watches can reach a very high level. 

elgin bw raymond pocket watch

This fine example of an Elgin BW Raymond Pocket Watch has been sold at $625

How to tell if Elgin pocket watch is gold ?

If you have it with you, the best thing is to bring it to a jeweller for expertise. If you want to buy a Gold Elgin pocket watch online, check the reviews of the suppliers to be sure that they are trustworthy. In our selection, we select the best Elgin suppliers and collectors. 

Elgin Gold Pocket Watch
 This splendid solid-14k-gold hunting case Elgin pocket watch from 1890 has been sold at $550

How to acquire an Elgin watch here ?

Have a look to our daily selection, click on the pocket watch you like and we will automatically redirect you towards the merchant site where you can find it. Have a look to the Elgin national watch company website if you have some questions about a precise model.