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A selection of rare vintage Wittnauer watches for collectors

Below is our selection of the finest vintage Wittnauer currently available on the web. This selection may include rare vintage Wittnauer watches such as the Wittnauer 242T or Wittnauer 7004A, but also more common vintage Wittnauer watches, vintage Wittnauer for women or 1950s Wittnauer for men



In the ever-evolving tapestry of horology, few brands boast the timeless allure and historical significance of vintage Wittnauer watches. Embarking on a journey into the world of these horological treasures is akin to stepping back in time, where craftsmanship and design were synonymous with elegance. This extended article delves deeper into the various facets of collecting vintage Wittnauer watches, examining their historical roots, market value, where to find them, highlighting some rare models, and tracing the extensive timeline of Wittnauer's watchmaking legacy.

Collecting vintage Wittnauer watches

The act of collecting vintage Wittnauer watches transcends the mere acquisition of timepieces; it is an immersion into the brand's rich history. Wittnauer's journey in watchmaking began in 1880 when Swiss immigrants Albert Wittnauer and Louis Brandt established the company in New York. The brand quickly gained recognition for its commitment to precision and quality, becoming the official watch of the U.S. Army during World War I. Collectors are drawn to Wittnauer's historical significance, and each vintage piece carries with it a unique narrative, making it a tangible link to a bygone era.

Wittnauer's association with iconic events adds to the appeal of collecting their vintage watches. For instance, the Wittnauer All-Proof, designed for the U.S. Navy's Underwater Demolition Teams (precursors to the Navy SEALs), is a testament to the brand's legacy of supplying reliable timepieces in extreme conditions. Collectors often seek out these purpose-built watches, appreciating the connection between the timepiece on their wrist and the historical events it may have witnessed. A rare vintage watch collector must have some old Wittnauer in his collection ! 

Vintage Wittnauer watch value

Determining the value of a vintage Wittnauer watch goes beyond market trends and appraisals. These timepieces encapsulate a tangible piece of history, showcasing the evolution of watchmaking over the decades. The Wittnauer Professional Chronograph, produced in the mid-20th century, exemplifies this convergence of style and function. Its distinct aesthetic, featuring a two-register chronograph and tachymeter scale, makes it a sought-after piece among collectors. The market value of such watches reflects not only their scarcity but also the enduring craftsmanship that defines Wittnauer's legacy.

As collectors navigate the vintage watch market, understanding the nuances of Wittnauer's production history becomes crucial. For instance, watches produced during Wittnauer's collaboration with Longines in the mid-20th century often carry dual branding, adding an extra layer of intrigue for collectors. These collaborative pieces, such as the Wittnauer-Longines 235T, seamlessly blend the design elements of both brands, creating a captivating fusion of style and heritage.

Let's give you some examples of the value of a vintage Wittnauer watch :

- a vintage Longines Wittnauer Geneve 242T Professional Chronograph Valjoux 72 from the 1960s has been sold for $6,415,00 this year.

- but a 1970s Wittnauer Perpetual Calendar watch can be found around $100,00.

- a Wittnauer C8671097 will be found below $80

Some rare Wittnauer watches you should look out for

Wittnauer 242T

Diving into the realm of rare Wittnauer watches is a captivating journey, where each model tells a unique story of innovation and design. The Wittnauer 242T, a bold creation from the 1960s, stands out not only for its avant-garde asymmetrical case but also for its groundbreaking use of materials. This model, often dubbed the "Space Rider," captivates collectors with its futuristic design, pushing the boundaries of conventional watchmaking aesthetics. Its scarcity on the market makes it a coveted find, with auction results reflecting the demand for this distinctive timepiece.

Wittnauer 242T vintage 
Wittnauer 242T (picture by Les Rhabilleurs)

Wittnauer 7004A vintage

Another notable addition to Wittnauer's legacy is the Wittnauer 7004A, a limited-edition release that emerged in the late 1970s. This model showcases the brand's commitment to experimentation with materials, featuring a titanium case and an integrated bracelet. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Wittnauer 7004A represents a moment in Wittnauer's history when the brand embraced the use of innovative materials, adding a layer of significance for collectors who appreciate the intersection of design and material technology.

Wittnauer 7004A old
The very nice Wittnauer 7004A


Wittnauer 3256

For enthusiasts seeking a blend of elegance and functionality, the Wittnauer 3256 emerges as a standout choice. Produced in the 1950s, this vintage chronograph not only boasts a timeless aesthetic but also houses the venerable Venus 188 movement. The collaboration between Wittnauer and renowned movement manufacturers like Venus enhances the desirability of the 3254 among collectors. Its distinctive design, coupled with the historical significance of its movement, elevates this timepiece to a position of prominence in the vintage watch market.

The very elegant Wittnauer 3256 wristwatch


Wittnauer 235T

As collectors delve into the archives of Wittnauer, the Wittnauer 235T emerges as a rare gem that commands attention. With its tonneau-shaped case and intricate dial configurations, this model reflects the brand's commitment to producing watches that are both aesthetically pleasing and technically advanced. The Wittnauer 235T is not merely a timekeeping instrument but a work of art that exemplifies the craftsmanship synonymous with the golden era of watchmaking.

wittnauer 235T
A very nice vintage Wittnauer 235T


1970s Wittnauer Electro-Chron

In addition to these models, the Wittnauer Electro-Chron series from the 1970s represents a pivotal chapter in the brand's history. Featuring innovative electronic movements, these watches showcase Wittnauer's adaptability to emerging technologies during a period of industry-wide change. The Electro-Chron series, with models like the Wittnauer Electro-Chron Navigator, underscores the brand's ability to combine traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge advancements, making them sought-after pieces for collectors with an appreciation for horological innovation.

The mythical Wittnauer Electro-Chron

In the ever-evolving landscape of vintage watch collecting, the allure of rare Wittnauer models extends beyond their scarcity; each timepiece encapsulates a chapter in the brand's illustrious history. Whether it's the avant-garde designs of the 1960s, the innovative use of materials in the 1970s, or the timeless elegance of mid-century chronographs, Wittnauer's diverse range of rare watches offers collectors a rich tapestry of choices, each with its own distinctive charm and historical significance.

Where to find Wittnauer watches

The quest for vintage Wittnauer watches leads collectors to a diverse array of sources. Reputable vintage watch dealers, both online and brick-and-mortar, serve as gateways to these horological gems. Online platforms like Chrono24 and Watch-Deal.com frequently feature vintage Wittnauer watches, providing a convenient avenue for enthusiasts to explore and acquire timepieces. Auction houses specializing in rare watches, such as Christie's and Sotheby's, periodically showcase vintage Wittnauer models, allowing collectors to participate in the excitement of auctions and potentially uncover hidden treasures.

Engaging with fellow collectors and enthusiasts on dedicated watch forums, such as the Rolex Forums or Watchuseek, opens avenues for sharing insights, experiences, and even opportunities for buying, selling, or trading Wittnauer watches. These communities foster a sense of camaraderie among collectors, creating a space where passion for vintage watches is celebrated and knowledge is exchanged.

How old are Wittnauer watches?

Tracing the age of Wittnauer watches is akin to navigating a chronological tapestry that weaves through the annals of watchmaking history. The brand's inception in 1880 marked the beginning of a legacy that would endure for over a century. Wittnauer's early years were characterized by the introduction of innovative timekeeping solutions, including the revolutionary Wittnauer pocket chronometer.

As the brand transitioned into the mid-20th century, Wittnauer solidified its reputation for producing watches that combined precision with elegance. The Wittnauer 242T, introduced in the 1960s, exemplifies the brand's willingness to push design boundaries during this era. The collaboration with Longines in the 1950s and 1960s resulted in a series of watches that bear the dual branding of both esteemed names, adding a layer of historical intrigue for collectors.

The 1970s witnessed Wittnauer's foray into quartz technology, reflecting the industry-wide shift during this period. The Wittnauer Electro-Chron series, featuring innovative electronic movements, showcased the brand's adaptability to emerging technologies while maintaining its commitment to quality. Exploring the production history of Wittnauer watches provides collectors with a comprehensive understanding of the brand's evolution, from its early pioneering days to its embrace of modern horological advancements.

In conclusion, collecting vintage Wittnauer watches is a multifaceted journey that transcends time, offering enthusiasts a glimpse into the evolution of watchmaking and the enduring legacy of a storied brand. Wittnauer's diverse range of models, from the purpose-built military watches to the avant-garde designs of the 1960s, ensures that collectors can find a timepiece that resonates with their individual preferences and passions. As the allure of vintage Wittnauer watches continues to captivate the horological world, each acquisition becomes a chapter in a larger narrative, celebrating craftsmanship, history, and the timeless elegance that defines Wittnauer watches.

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