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Created by Claudio d'Amore, Code41 mechanical watches have met with immense success thanks to their technological and sporty design. As one of the few recent Swiss brands whose prices increase year after year, acquiring a Code41 represents an excellent investment for the future.

Discover MoonINCEPTION, a new model from CODE41 currently on pre-order!

This month, MoonINCEPTION, the superb moon phase revisited by CODE41, is up for pre-order on the CODE41 website. Virtuoso design, Swiss movement, 316L steel, sapphire crystal, exclusive oscillating weight... another little marvel!



Otherwise, discover our selection of pre-owned and new Code41 watches.

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Code41, a success right from the launch

Created by Claudio d'Amore, Code41 automatic watches have met with great success thanks to their technological and sporty design. It is one of the few recent Swiss brands whose prices are increasing year after year and acquiring a Code41 represents an excellent investment for the future. The Anomaly-01 was the first reference, followed by the Anomaly-02 which has a Swiss movement. More recently, the now famous X41 made headlines with a waiting list of several months. In January 2020, Code41 launched a unisex mechanical watch: the Day41, which also recorded more than 2 million euros in pre-order sales in just a few days. Finally in April 2020, in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, Code41 confirmed its dynamism with the launch of a new chronograph called "NB24 Chrono" which is equipped with a Swiss in-house movement and for which pre-orders are open now for its second edition..

Note that Code41 has announced the end of the production of their Anomaly-01 and Anomaly-02 references when the last 2500 units will be sold out: it is therefore necessary to hurry before these models take a lot of value on the second-hand market

Anomaly T4 and Anomaly Evolution : 2 watches to look for

In June 2022, Code 41 launched Anomaly T4, the fourth generation of Anomaly, which was a huge success. The beauty of the model with its subtle work on transparency and depth while maintaining a technical and sporty design explains this success. Two years before, the Anomaly Evolution was also noticed and is now sometimes available second hand. These last two Anomaly models are very well executed. 

Pre-owned Code41 watches available

It is very difficult to find pre-owned Code41 watches, as buyers are satisfied with their watches. But if some are available somewhere online, we will add them to our selection if the supplier is reputable and the website secured. If you want to list here a second-hand Code41 wristwatch, just contact us and we will be happy to help you. 

How to find a Code 41 watch?

Nothing could be simpler, just click on the model of your choice and you will be automatically redirected to the official website of the brand where you will be able to order it.